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The purpose of training in any field or discipline is to make an employee better and more proficient at their job. It also prepares them to troubleshoot and tackle a situation or scenario, should it suddenly arise.

Take PASMA Training for instance. This training is the de facto standard that provides mobile tower training for those working at height. Thousands of people – most of whom are contractors, professional construction workers, and even at senior management level – take this course each year to gain invaluable experience in this area.

PASMA-Pass-StampWhen seeking employment that demands working at high levels, most employers specifically seek out this certification as genuine proof that the candidates are comfortable and proficient when working at height.

Upon completion of the course, they are awarded a PASMA card along with relevant certification to authenticate their credentials. It also confirms that they have completed the course efficiently and are experienced in mobile tower management. This training provides individuals with skills that are required to lift and move objects of different shapes and sizes in a safe manner.

Safety in the Workplace

The biggest benefit of acquiring this training is the importance of safety that is taught to all those who undertake the course. Being aware of how to lift larger items and mobile tower equipment appropriately and safely could avoid health related accidents and injuries. PASMA training is essential in a mobile tower setting where the majority of work being carried out is outdoors and at elevated heights. People get a first-hand account of potential danger situations and how to avoid them by practising safety rather than being ambitious.

Government Regulations

It is a government regulation that all personnel must either have PASMA training before starting working on a mobile tower or, alternatively, have someone certified with them during operation. Therefore, undertaking the relevant training and certification goes a long way in cutting resource costs for your company.


Here at North East Access Training, we provide training that is affiliated and accredited by PASMA and IPAF organisations. There are usually 10-12 delegates in one course, and this low student to instructor ratio leads to better interaction and attention between the two parties.

The way that our courses are organised ensures that delegates gets the chance to assemble and dismantle mobile tower and fibreglass to gain valuable experience while on the course. The final stage includes theory and physical exams, completion of which leads to acquiring competent status. Attendees that are successful will be awarded a card and certificate to prove their credentials.

Securing a PASMA card will open a doorway to a new career or even growth in your current position. It will make you that much more versatile when it comes to working on different types of projects that may require this training.

For further information on PASMA training in Newcastle or Tyne and Wear, give North East Access Training a call today.