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hScaffolders, Tree Surgeons and Roofers are all examples of job roles that require employees to work at height.

With the construction and horticultural industries continuing to expand and witness significant growth, the demand for employees trained to work at height is still rising. However, before a worker can enter their desired job role, they need to get to grips with the ropes. By this we mean, undergo an intense training course.

PASMA Training is available all across the UK, from companies such as www.northeastaccesstraining.co.uk . It is ideal for individuals who want to pursue a career that requires them to work at height. However, though we understand that PASMA training is vital, do we realise why?

This blog post will take you through just three reasons why this type of course and training is so important.

Safety First

One of the most prominent benefits of PASMA training is knowing how to stay safe when working at height. Not only will the course teach you the ins and outs of worker safety, it will also make you more aware of your surroundings. This means you can recognise potential dangers before they fully manifest, and look out for other employees during your shifts.

Having the ability to identify possible risks is an invaluable skill that may just save you from injury. Visit our website for the finest PPE on offer!


PASMA training isn’t all about safety know-how though. It can also teach you about the regulations that apply to your industry and future job role. This is so important, not only for legal purposes, but also because it can save you from unintentionally performing dangerous practices.

Also, recognising a breach in regulation on behalf of a fellow worker allows you to provide insight and prevent an accident from occurring. It also means you are knowledgeable enough to undertake your desired job role.

Hands-On Experience

A lot of people learn from taking action, rather than sitting in a classroom for hours on end. While PASMA training will take you through the theory behind working at height, it will also offer hands-on experience. This will educate you by putting you in the middle of the situation. This way, you can self-assess your response time and reactions accordingly, and improve by performing rather than listening.

A PASMA training course provides you with a wealth of information, which is absolutely necessary if you are looking to enter a career that requires you to work at height.

At the end of the course, you will receive an official PASMA card and certificate to note your attendance. These qualifications are accepted worldwide, and required by many bodies.

So, if you are based in Newcastle or Tyne and Wear and you’re interested in undertaking a PASMA training course, get in touch today. Here at North East Access Training we offer Scaffold Training courses at three different levels. Please feel free to browse our site for more information.