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Many jobs across a number of industries require IPAF training to ensure that workers are safe at all times. But what does this training involve? It was designed for platform operators that work at height, created by leading industry professionals who know their way well around the machinery involved. Our training days are the quickest and easiest way to get certified in the Newcastle and Tyne and Wear area.

Safety when working at height is more important than ever when coming into the colder, darker months of the year. IPAF training needs to be renewed on a regular basis, to ensure that all workers know how to work safely at all times, for themselves and those around them.


With more than a 1, 000,000 operators undertaking such training around the world, delegates that are able to complete it successfully are given PAL cards (Powered Access License cards) along with an official certificate and a personal log book.

Our IPAF training centres are ideally situated for those in Newcastle and the Tyne and Wear area but can be booked by businesses from across the UK. Our centres are certified to provide this training and have been examined to ensure that they maintain the same high standards throughout.

What is involved in an IPAF training program?

Our IPAF training courses usually last a whole day and include both practice and theory of the machinery and processes involved. Upon successful completion, participants will receive their certification and PAL card through the post.

The course is structured around instructing operators in preparing and operating various types of MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms) in a safe and secure manner.

The training session is suitable for new and existing staff, looking to strengthen their workplace knowledge and expertise. Similarly, it is ideal for managers and supervisors, as well as demonstrators who need to oversee others while operating and utilising these machines safely.

We also offer a range of other IPAF courses that would qualify you to:

  • Inspect and use a harness along with its equipment when they are using a MEWP
  • Identify and choose the best safety wear that can protect them in case they fall from height
  • Capable of wearing, storing, maintaining and adjusting any necessary equipment
  • Remain aware of possible dangers and be capable of preventing accidents
  • Be able to load and unload all types of baggage or machinery onto another vehicle which is meant to transport it to another location or transport it on the highway.

For more information about our training course or to book your place, please contact us on 0191 442 1989.