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Whether your job requires you to have IPAF training or PASMA accreditation, there will always be the working at height regulations ensuring that these requirements are met by both you and your employer.

These regulations were put in place to protect employees from injury and even death caused by a fall from height. As per these regulations, all employees that will be working at height or on scaffolding are required to be fully trained in using this equipment, as per health and safety guidelines.

Wherever you are based, our IPAF training centre in Newcastle is the perfect place to ensure your members of staff are fully trained in this area to guarantee they are working safely at height.

BelayWhy IPAF Training is Important

Employees have a legal obligation to take care of themselves and others around them when their actions can affect them. Whether you work on a step-ladder or a mobile platform hundreds of feet in the air, the regulation requirement is the same.

This is because when working at height, the danger increases. Trips and falls are subject to additional force and gravity making the impact much bigger and more dangerous, especially if an object breaks the fall. When you consider the types of workplace – a building site, a warehouse, a motorway – the risk intensifies again.

We’re Here to Help

With the right training, your employees will be fully competent and confident when it comes to working at height. Our course here in the Newcastle area covers a range of theory and practical elements, including assessing situations, performing emergency situations, equipment inspections, safety checks and operator practice.

The sessions are spread throughout the day and finish up with questionnaires and assessments in each area; a log book will be compiled, and candidates that pass will be issued with an IPAF Training PAL certified card.

The course is open to employees on the bottom line, supervisors, managers and anyone else responsible for those who will be working at height. Training in this area is important for these people especially as it allows them a better understanding of the risks, legal consequences, and best practice while on the job.

To book your place on our course, please call today on 0191 442 1989 or book your place here.