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winter-working-heightWith a chill in the air and weather that is unpredictable at best, winter can bring a whole host of difficulties for those who work at height. Whether it is spending time outside at the mercy of the elements or struggling through freezing conditions indoors, there are many issues which must be overcome when it comes to this kind of tasks.

Luckily, there are many ways in which you can go about making daily tasks much safer, especially during the coldest months of the year. For instance, IPAF training in Newcastle is recommended for every employee who will be working at height, similarly, a refresh on safety precautions, equipment and operating machinery can never go amiss.

So, how can you make working at height a safer practice during winter? We have put together some top tips to ensure everyone stays safe and secure this season.

IPAF Training in Newcastle

We all know that safety is important, but in winter, this importance is doubled. With worsening weather conditions comes further things to take into consideration, all of which can be hard to manage properly and safely in addition to your usual daily tasks. For that reason, regulated safety training is a great way to ensure that everyone knows the best safety practice. Professional IPAF training in Newcastle and the local area is important as it will get everyone up to speed when it comes to safety and security.

Clothing and PPE

It is vital to ensure that you are wearing the correct PPE when you are working, as this will keep both you and the people around you as safe as possible. From high-visibility jackets to helmets, gloves, safety footwear and safety goggles and ear defenders, these are all essential things that should be worn at all times. However, in winter, it is important to factor the weather and temperature into your wardrobe. If you will be working outdoors, a warm jumper and some waterproofs should be a must.

Seasonal Weather

The winter weather is always unpredictable, but with plummeting temperatures, rain, wind and ice, working at height can become particularly hazardous. Make sure to double check the security of any platforms or towers before you use them – similarly, do a check over your machinery before use as the cold weather can play havoc with mechanical equipment. If you are working outdoors in icy conditions, make sure that the proper safety protocol is both observed and followed to minimise the risk of any falls or accidents.

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