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Here at North East Access Training, we offer the highest standard IPAF Training Newcastle has to offer to ensure that your business reaps the benefits of fully trained, competent staff.

We are here to offer protection and resources to workers and businesses whose employees risk their lives working from a height, whether on platforms, scaffolding or mobile access towers.

IPAF training courses provide both theoretical and practical learning and assessments in accordance with the laws surrounding working from height, regardless of the industry you are a part of.


It is well known that working from great heights comes with its own set of risks. However, there are many roles that cannot be completed successfully without the use of a mobile access platform. In these instances, workers are subject to a higher risk of falling or slipping and this can lead to serious injuries and even death if the correct training has not been provided. Even with the training, there is a certain level of risk still placed on each employee, so we have put together some tips for working safely at height.

Accessorise for Maximum Safety

When you are working at a great height, your safety is a priority. Make sure that you use the latest safety equipment that serves its purpose well. It is recommended that you conduct an audit of all the equipment your staff uses when working from high platforms – such as safety harnesses helmets, jackets, etc. – and they should personally inspect equipment before every use.

External Conditions

Safety at work depends a lot on the ground and weather conditions. If you are working outside and bad weather has been forecast, it is important that you work quickly and safely you avoid being at work when the weather changes. A level ground is essential, as is safety equipment and PPE such as work boots, hard hats and hi-vis clothing. Adequate lighting is especially important at this time of year!

Skills of the Operator

No employee should be operating MEWPs and similar working platforms unless they have successfully completed their training and received their PAL card. It is never worth risking an accident because a member of staff has not been sufficiently trained when lives could be at stake.

The Right Platform

There are a number of different mobile access platforms that are used for working at height. Therefore, it is critical for employers to choose the correct equipment for their needs. It is imperative that your employees are trained to use all machinery they are expected to work with.

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