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Lift with platform workA Mobile Elevating Work Platform, more commonly known as a MEWP, is an umbrella term for various different types of powered access platforms and cherry pickers. MEWPs are typically used across a wide range of different industries, such as construction and warehousing, primarily in order to assist employees working at height.

Those who are required to use MEWPs at work should undergo full MEWP training before using the equipment in order to comply with regulations and fulfil safety requirements.

Do I Need MEWP Training?

MEWP training is important for anyone who operates or maintains any type of MEWP as part of their job role. Regardless of whether your employees use MEWPs on a daily basis or they are only needed sporadically, the correct training is essential in order to ensure that everyone stays safe whilst they are working. After all, it’s not just about keeping yourself safe – full training is all about ensuring the safety and security of colleagues and anyone else in the vicinity, too. The importance of safety should never be overlooked.

MEWP Training Requirements and MEWP Courses

As the term ‘MEWP’ covers a range of various types of machinery, different MEWP courses are required for different classifications of MEWP. One of the main providers of MEWP courses across the world is IPAF – and in fact, IPAF trained operatives use the majority of rental mobile platforms on the market.

Our MEWP course content includes a mix of both theory and hands-on, practical knowledge, ensuring that all bases are covered by the training. Individuals on the course can expect to cover content including maintenance, inspections, pre-operative checks, hazard avoidance, PPE and personal safety, safe use of the equipment, and much more.

MEWP Training Prices and Courses with North East Access Training

Here at North East Access Training, we offer and run a range of IPAF training courses, easily allowing us to ensure your team get the MEWP training that they need. We offer instruction in all IPAF training categories at a time that suits you, and our central location in Birtley, County Durham, ensures that we are easily accessible via all major transport links.

We are fully committed to working around you and the needs of you and your employees, which is why we are a flexible, adaptable, and professional training provider.

Our MEWP training prices vary depending on the specific course, in addition to further factors like attendee numbers. Please contact our team today and discuss your individual requirements with us in order to get an accurate, tailored quotation suited to your needs.