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Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, more commonly known as MEWPs, are often thought of as only being needed in factories, warehouses and within construction; but this is simply not the case. They are a multi-faceted piece of equipment with more uses than one would care to imagine.

To show just how widespread they are and express the need for training relating to working at height, here, at North East Access Training, we thought we would highlight just a handful of their many, varied uses.

  • With the festive season fast approaching, you might be familiar with the use of MEWPs and installing Christmas lights and decorations. In almost every town across the UK, people are working at height installing decorations to light up your city
  • Fire engines often have cherry pickers, a form of MEWP; to enable them to access and tackle fires at height
  • MEWPs are used in the renovation process of restoring old, historic buildings to their former glory. Delicate processes must be undertaken at a height to avoid damaging weakened structures
  • Another more obvious use for MEWPs is installing or cleaning windows, particularly in high rise buildings! Workers in such conditions might be wearing harnesses for added protection
  • MEWPs are used to install and maintain aerials, solar panels, satellites and CCTV
  • Railway work and maintenance can sometimes require the use of a MEWP to protect workers from electricity lines, and to gain access to overhead lines
  • Some shop re-fits need MEWPs to decorate and install lighting
  • Many warehouses and factories need MEWPs and Cherry Pickers to access stock higher up than is considered safe, as opposed to using a step ladder
  • Tree surgeons often utilise MEWPs to carry out their work on tall trees, particularly in built-up areas, where more control is required
  • MEWPs are also used in media and filming on set, to capture moments from above. Their flexibility and height allow for more versatile shots and wider angles

Now you can appreciate the widespread use and appeal of working with a mobile elevating work platform; it is important to stress that these pieces of equipment and machinery can be dangerous to laymen. Proper training courses are available through our website.

We run various IPAF and PASMA certified courses throughout the year, so if you would like more information on any of our training courses, then please do not hesitate to contact us.`