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Mechanised Access Platforms, also known as Powered Access Platforms or Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, are an important mechanical device used across multiple industries for achieving safe, accessible work at height. Most commonly used in maintenance and construction, they are also used by the emergency services. For safe, qualified working, anyone needing to use a Powered Access Platform will first need to pass a training course.

powered-access-platformTraining courses are available across the country and are regulated by the training body. Completed in sessions, harness training, PASMA training and IPAF training are the most common. Newcastle based North East Access Training breaks each course into morning and afternoon sessions, with the morning session more theory based and the afternoon more practical.

Powered Access Platforms are available in a number of different styles for achieving various tasks. Here, we are taking a look at the various types of Powered Access Platforms that you may be expected to operate after completing the appropriate course.

Boom Lifts

Also commonly referred to as Cherry Pickers, Boom Lifts are a stand-alone unit with a static base. Featuring telescopic or articulating action, this type of Powered Access Platform is one of the most commonly used, both indoors and outdoors. Specialist Boom Lifts are available for working on uneven or rough terrain and non-marking tyres can be fitted for use on finished flooring.

Low-Level Access Platforms

Typically much smaller in height, Low-Level Access Platforms are usually narrow enough to fit through standard doorways and can be used in passenger lifts. Low-Level Access Platforms offer a safer alternative to ladders and small scaffolding towers. Due to the lower height, self-propelled machines can allow the user to reposition the platform while elevated, saving time during the task.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are particularly useful where a greater area is required to work on, or more workers need to be able to reach the working area. Some scissor lifts can include a bridge or extendable decks, so the machine is used as a means of accessing working areas rather than a platform to work from. Scissor lifts are available in a variety of sizes to suit different tasks and are versatile enough for work indoors and outdoors.

While similar in their function, familiarising yourself with the different types of Powered Access Platforms can encourage confidence when you are required to work on one.

At North East Access Training, we can offer your employees qualifications across all manners of working at height. Harness training, PASMA training and IPAF training sessions are available in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Contact us on 01914 421898 for more information on our available training courses.