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A vital part of IPAF Training is to know how to correctly assess machinery to ensure its safety before use. Machinery should not be used unless it has been checked over by a responsible person.


Working at height presents its own set of dangers without taking into consideration any possible malfunctions on the part of the machinery. This is why it is vital that any access platform that workers will be using is correctly assessed.

Workers are shown how to carry out checks on machinery as part of IPAF training courses in Newcastle, with an assessment making up part of the qualification.

What should you look out for?

  • Ensure that the manual for the machinery is stored on the platform in the container and is complete and legible
  • Check the machine for any defects such as dents and cracks, as well as any other damage to structural components
  • Make sure that all structural equipment is present and that all components (fasteners and pins) are properly fastened and in place before use
  • Ensure that there is no leakage coming from the machine – check for battery fluid, oil and engine coolant (only in the case of diesel-powered machines)
  • Check hydraulic fluid level and refill if necessary
  • Check tyres for any signs of damage and air pressure (if air-filled tyres are used)
  • Ensure that any side rails are properly installed along with bolts fastened and that trays are closed or latched shut
  • Inspect all electrical equipment for signs of damage and check that batteries are properly connected
  • Make sure that the emergency lowering mechanism is in working order
  • Check all components for signs of damage, these include: wheel guards, switches, alarms, horns and hydraulics

Not Confident Carrying Out Checks?

If you are still not confident about carrying out checks to machinery, then it is essential that you are booked on an IPAF training course to ensure the safety of both you and your colleagues.

Workers who are not confident with carrying out routine checks should not be allowed to work on or in the vicinity of the machinery due to the risks that are present. As part of training, workers will be taken through both the theory and practical aspects of working at height.

For more information on how to book a spot on a course in the Tyne and Wear area, please call the North East Access Training team on 01914 421 989 today.