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The Importance of Providing Comprehensive IPAF Training

Working at height always involves risk. However, this risk can be minimised by giving your workers proper training and equipment. Basic in-house training is not always a sufficient way to fully train an employee who is required to work at height or is obligated to use machinery. Therefore, you should invest in the safety of your workers by providing them with suitable training for working at height, such as IPAF training in Tyne and Wear and further afield. After all, it is also vital to educate everyone about the various safety regulations surrounding the use of professional equipment.


We believe that the safety and security of your workers are most important which is why we offer in-depth and comprehensive IPAF training. Tyne and Wear and Newcastle are our local areas, but we can be flexible in terms of our courses and locations, depending on your individual needs.

Here are three reasons why we believe that safety training should be prioritised in the workplace.

Better to be Safe than Sorry

As the old saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Proper training is crucial for any worker using specialist equipment or working at height; it is for his own safety, as well as the safety of those around him, that he should undergo the training. Our IPAF training courses will teach your employees about the safety hazards that working at height poses, educate them about the equipment they are using and help them identify how to choose the right equipment. If every worker knows how to correctly use the machinery, much of the risk is already eliminated.

Choose Local IPAF Training in Tyne and Wear

By undergoing IPAF training, your workers will become well versed with all the rules and regulations that need to be followed when working with hazardous equipment and in dangerous locations. A certificate is provided once the course has been completed to indicate that full training has been completed. It is always advisable to hire people who have been trained well, as this will prove beneficial in the future by minimising the chances of any unwanted incidents.

Gain Experience and Progress Your Career

People learn faster when they are given a lesson that involves practical knowledge rather than just theory, and our courses are designed with this in mind. We specialise in providing first class training by giving each employee hands-on experience. We accomplish this by putting people in similar situations to their daily working life in order to help them understand their individual roles better. The trainee can then judge his or her situation and learn how to deal with various possible situations. Here at North East Access Training, we make sure we prepare every worker well.

Do you want to know more about IPAF training in Tyne and Wear or the Newcastle area? Contact us to learn more about the various courses that we currently have available.