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Around the world, there are a number of architectural wonders that never fail to catch our eye and, in some cases, even our hearts! Instead of looking halfway across the world for impressive structures though, we should be scouring our own hometowns in England.

This country is home to some incredible architecture, some of which has won the nation’s undivided attention and beckoned tourists to come and visit again and again.

So, in celebration of our own impressive structures, let’s see what lies between the cobbled pathways and at the heart of all the action in England.

North Yorkshire

Our first stop is North Yorkshire, which plays host to a setting like no other, under the name of Rievaulx Abbey. Known to be a stunning location steeped in history, complete with equally fascinating and timeworn ruins, it has grown over to become part of the landscape. Though, during their time, the now-ruins were suppressed by none other than Henry VIII, they still add something to the community today.


Next, we’re off to London, but not to see Big Ben this time. All Saints, situated on Margaret Street, is a fine example of beautifully intricate British architecture and design. Highly decorative, All Saints has stayed true to its colours over the years, and the artwork tucked away in this building is more than impressive too.


So, we’ve been to North Yorkshire and London. Now, we’re in Newcastle where an equally striking and historic structure stands; the Railway Station. It has been in operation since 1850, and the Queen actually attended the opening ceremony at that time (Queen Victoria herself)! Its original name of ‘Newcastle-on-Tyne Central’ was gotten rid of when a decision was made to name it simply ‘Newcastle’. Still in use today, this station is a must-see, even if you aren’t planning to board a train anytime soon.

These are just three impressive structures around England. Of course, there are many more to come, thanks to courses like PASMA training, which ensures safety in every new construction. So let’s keep an eye out for any new projects!