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Here at North East Access Training, we provide only the very best training and qualifications when it comes to working safely at height, and the popularity of our IPAF training courses in Newcastle demonstrates why.

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Jobs that involve working at height are up there with some of the most hazardous occupations, so ensuring the safety of your employees is of paramount importance. All of our safety and working at height courses are readily available, so there is absolutely no need to put your staff at risk by sending them out into industry without the relevant training.

When untrained workers who are not fully aware of industry best practice, let alone how to deal with emergency situations are put into a high-pressure environment, the risk they are taking can be tripled, through a lack of knowledge and understanding.

Alongside our IPAF training courses in Newcastle, we also provide PASMA and Harness training courses for a more comprehensive understanding of safely working at heights. In addition to our courses, we thought we would compile some top tips for ensuring safety is your bottom line in the workplace, particularly when it comes to working at height.

  • Undertaking regular training programmes ensure your workers have their safety, as well as others, on their minds at all times when working at height
  • Ensure you have checks in place to guarantee the safety of your staff at all times. Developing a culture of safety amongst your team will make them much more pro-active when it comes to their own safety
  • Inspect and log all safety equipment regularly and be sure that your staff know how to examine them safety, as well as undertaking basic repairs. Ensure all equipment is fit for use prior to being used
  • Lead by example – you can’t expect your staff to follow instructions provided to them on training courses if their managers and leaders aren’t doing so, too
  • Where possible, have a folder of ‘Operational Procedures’ for staff to refer to before commencing a job
  • Encourage your staff to stretch and warm up before starting a job that requires physical movement and strenuous activity

If you would like to book onto any of our IPAF training courses in Newcastle and the North East, please use our enquiry form or get in touch today as courses do fill up fast.

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