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qualificationAfter all the holiday celebrations, January is here and it’s time to get back to work. When it comes down to it, many may feel slightly lethargic or out of practice with machinery and safety precautions. However, it’s imperative that everyone has sufficient, up-to-date qualifications when going back to work.

With that said, it might be time to look at IPAF training in Newcastle for all your employees. It’s best to start the New Year as you mean to go on by ensuring that all workers are safe, especially during the colder winter months.

Have you been wondering why it’s so important to have the right qualifications? If so, we have a list of reasons for you.


The most important part of any job is to ensure the safety of both staff and customers. Similarly, in the construction industry, safety precautions often need updating. There can be no risks taken when it comes to safety and IPAF training will help to keep all employees up-to-date with any safety checks that need to be carried out before using equipment. It will also inform them of any emergency procedures should anyone have an issue, as things can then be dealt with in a safe and timely manner.


When employees are in the know about changes and differences to equipment procedures it can allow them to work with precision in a timely manner. It’s better to be well trained and work in a productive way rather than rushing in an attempt to get it done and cause problems. It’s no surprise that employees often work better when they are well trained and informed.


If certain workers are unavailable to do a particular job, ensuring that everyone has the right qualifications could mean that it’s easy for someone else to step in and get the job done more quickly. It’s also useful when taking on other contracted jobs as the more qualifications that your staff have, the more likely it is that you will get the contract.


It’s highly important to be familiar with the equipment, especially when other workers are around as it may cause safety complications. It’s also important because as technology advances, machinery will change. This means that it is more important than ever to learn the different ways in which these machines work and are used in order to safely conduct their jobs.

IPAF Training in Newcastle for Your Employees

You may now realise how important it is for your staff to have the right qualifications. If so, it might be the right time to look into IPAF training. Your employees will learn the capabilities of work platforms, pre-use inspections, hazard perception and operator responsibilities as well as other important training methods designed to ensure their safety and productivity in the workplace.

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