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Do you notice anything wrong with this picture? If not, then you need to attend a PASMA course ASAP!

Here at NEAT, we specialise in PASMA and IPAF training courses, and we operate in UK locations such as Newcastle and Tyne and Wear.

Not only do we see to it that those working at height do so in a safe and fully qualified way, but our courses vary in content, allowing individuals to qualify successfully for a number of different jobs at height.

Recently though, we have added two new courses to our itinerary, both designed to provide participants with the essential training needed to manage and use equipment.

So, let’s take a look at both of these courses and see which one is right for you.

Towers on Stairs

This particular course is ideal for those who regularly use or will be using towers on stairs. It will cover topics such as safe assembly, usage and risk analysis. If you pass this course, according to the 80% practical and theory pass mark, you will be awarded a PhotoCard and PASMA qualification, with a certificate as the necessary documentation.

Up to eight people can attend this course at a time, and it is classed as a one-day course, at six hours minimum.

In order to qualify for this course though, you will need a good understanding of safely working at height, and you will need to currently hold a Towers for Users PhotoCard.

Management of Mobile Access Towers

This course, on the other hand, is designed for those who have experience, or want to move into a role that involves overseeing the work of others. This short, one-day course will ensure workers are trained to a good standard whilst being more than capable of ensuring proper inspections are carried out, along with adequate maintenance.

The Management of Mobile Access Towers course can accommodate more people than the option above, with a total of 12 being able to join the course at a time. To pass this course, you must achieve an 80% pass mark, at the least, in a closed book assessment.

These are just two new courses now offered by North East Access Training. If, however, you feel these options aren’t for you, we have plenty of other courses available to aid your career, of which you can find here!