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Over the years, Pasma Training Newcastle has quickly become global, and its success in a number of industries helps to ensure efficiency in different sectors. However, even with the proper training, employees working at height are still vulnerable to accidents, though IPAF’s accident reporting process hopes to foster safety when working at height.

According to For Construction Pros, the first months of 2014 saw a high number of fatalities (23), all of which involved MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms). This figure was extracted from IPAF’s accident report.

For Construction Pros demonstrates the causes of these fatalities,  and the IPAF report revealed that the most common cause of death was machinery overturning (9). This was closely followed by falls (8) and then entrapment (3).

According to IPAF’s accident database, the majority of fatalities occurred in the USA. However, accidents have been reported in Germany, Singapore and the UK, among other countries.

IPAF technical and safety executive, Chris Wraith, commented: “More companies are participating in the accident reporting project, which is generating more data in its third year but it is too early to draw comparisons.”

“This is a unique, ground-breaking programme by the powered access industry to undertake ongoing analysis to learn lessons and improve safety worldwide. Preliminary findings from the accident reporting project have provided a rich source for improving IPAF’s training programmes and safety initiatives; for example, with regards to the safe loading and unloading of machines, and managing electrocution risks when working near power lines.”

Tim Whiteman, IPAF CEO, added: “Accidents do occur, but we should keep in perspective that with over one million rental units worldwide, MEWPs are one of the safest ways to do temporary work at height. And IPAF’s accident reporting project is designed to make a safe industry even safer.”

The reporting system is designed to record all accidents when working at height so these common risks can be addressed, and safety can be improved. Because of this, all of those associated with the industry are urged to provide details regarding fatalities and acute accidents involving equipment like MEWPs. The project also enables individuals or companies to share details anonymously.

So, with the reporting scheme in place, we should be looking at a safer future for those who work at height, as well as opportunities for further extensive training to provide all those in the industry with the knowledge and skills required to perform tasks safely and adequately.

First and foremost though, it is important for all employees to undergo IPAF training, whether in Newcastle or another location around the UK, in order to ensure safety. If you require this service, www.NorthEastAccessTraining.co.uk can help. Please get in touch today for more details or feel free to browse our site for details about the courses available.