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IPAF Training in the North - update your CV today!

January is a time for many to reflect on their lives, whether it is health or work related, and the New Year often prompts them to make a change, for the better. If you are looking to better your career, then perhaps it is time to give your CV an overhaul and book in for some work-related training. A new career for a New Year!

Developing existing skills, refining your experience and strategically marketing yourself towards the career you want for yourself is an excellent way to improve your happiness in the workplace. Not all sectors and industries require the same skill sets, so it is important to make your experience relevant and compelling. The best way to convey this is through your CV.

Enhance your CV

  • Update your most recent employment history to include relevant achievements and progressions
  • Cut the pack down to your most recent applicable positions, including your past jobs from ten years ago is less likely to grab an employer’s attention
  • Avoid repeating skills and achievements, once is more than enough
  • Similarly, avoid using cliché jargon. Focus more on demonstrating your skills, make a point and then back it up with proof
  • Every job is different, and each one is looking for something different. Amend your CV every time, according to the job you’re applying for
  • Throw in key buzz words from the job description to demonstrate exactly what your potential employer is looking for

Get Qualified

Another way to stand out from the crowd of prospective candidates is to ensure you have relevant qualifications in the sector you want to work in. That means if the job you want requires you to have working at heights qualifications, then go out and get yourself trained, by the best training company in the North.

Not only are all of our comprehensive working at heights qualifications necessary across any industries, but they’re fully accredited and recognised within the sectors. This great addition to your CV will take your skills and expertise to the next level.

Whichever way you wish to improve your chances for 2016, be it a fresh start in a new career or a simple job change; then know your training and qualifications can be delivered by the very best, with northeastaccesstraining.co.uk. Please contact us, should you require any further information relating to your training needs.