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Here at North East Access Training, we talk a lot about the various health and safety issues surrounding working at height, as well as the options and training solutions available. Whether you need your PASMA qualifications or just a few health and safety basics, we make it our job to make sure you’re covered.

However, focusing on the bureaucracy and responsibilities associated with working at height can sometimes make us forget the (responsible) fun that can be had away from terra firma.

So, to give you a quick reminder, and to demonstrate how closely linked our work and play time is, we’ve listed just three examples of height for fun and height for function. Read on for more.

Treetop Adventures vs. Tree Surgery

If your 9-to-5 requires you to scale up a tree and work your magic, you will be well aware of how remarkable and how risky time spent in treetops can be. However, if your activity of choice is somewhere up above the canopy, you will also be fully aware of how much fun treetop adventures can be. Whether it’s wandering along rope bridges or climbing trees just because, treetop adventures are a sure-fire way to keep yourself entertained; tree surgeon or not!

Zip Lining vs. Harness Work

Harness work plays a big part in all sorts of sectors; forestry, construction work, maintenance and more. Now, working with harnesses takes some getting used to anyway; not only do you have to adjust to working however many feet off the ground, but you also have to know how to move safely and swiftly whilst strapped in. And what is the leisure equivalent to being hoisted high above the ground? Zip lining! Zip lining requires a harness-like attachment for safety reasons and flying through the air is more thrill than threat, unlike when you have to consider the serious implications that accompany regular harness work. So with less risk and plenty of adrenaline-junkie-friendly rewards, zip lining is a great way to enjoy harnesses at height.

Pendulum Rides vs. Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are an undeniably useful form of powered access. Whether you use them in construction and repair work or as part of your maintenance and inspection role, you can reach great heights with ease. As well as requiring less physical effort than more manual forms of climbing, cherry pickers also afford a little more stability.

Of course, if you want to kick your cherry picker experience up a notch and experience somewhat of a rush, head to the fairground. Pendulum rides have the same extended and suspended arm as cherry pickers, but they offer far less in the way of a smooth ride, swinging through inversion and sometimes rotating too! When you’ve had enough of working at height for the day, opt for a head rush on a pendulum ride instead.

Of course, these three examples are just a few of many. As people’s tastes have become more adventurous, and health and safety capabilities have improved, our ability to have fun at ever-greater heights has increased. So once you clock-off from your day job, head to new heights and enjoy yourself!