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The International Powered Access Federation, also known as IPAF, have recently introduced a new move that aims to make work on construction sites, and the like, safer.

IPAF have a series of training courses that offer qualifications in different areas, for a variety of professions, such as mobile operators and installers. With these qualifications comes a PAL card that demonstrates what individuals are qualified to do.

Read this North East access Training blog on for more information on PAL cards and the changes being made to the way workers operate.

According to Construction Equipment, PAL cards will now be ‘smart’ with technology that allows them to be read by a machine. This will help to prevent unauthorised access onsite and make working at height safer for everyone involved.

Not only does this card consist of a chip with the operator’s details, it is also printed with these details in order to cater for locations that don’t yet accommodate this technology. This means it can still be used for access in its standard form.

The concept behind this change, as mentioned, is to ensure a safer environment. However, it can also be used to track fraudulent use as the cards can be monitored to see which machine has been used and for how long. This will help to prevent unauthorised access and deal with situations involving fraud swiftly.

Tim Whiteman, IPAF CEO, commented: “It is not compulsory to fit card readers on machines, and the PAL card is a recognised qualification on many job sites.”

“The smart card technology brings more options and opens up possibilities to make machine access safer and machine use more secure.”

There are sure to be further developments, so keep an eye out for more news on the new PAL cards, or feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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