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It goes without saying that working at height comes with an array of risks, which is why PASMA and IPAF training are essential for working on scaffold towers.

scaffoldingThere are two main dangers where scaffold towers, or working from height in general, are concerned – someone falling from height and something/someone falling on anyone on ground level.

To safeguard against accidents from happening, proper planning and risk assessments must take place before any practical work. This is part and parcel of the PASMA training curriculum, which we offer in the Tyne and Wear areas.


When working at height, the number one danger is falling, this can potentially result in serious injury – either for the worker who has fallen or anyone on ground level. The person on top of the tower should work with the utmost of caution. This means:

  • Do not make sudden movement
  • Be aware of where you are
  • Do not crowd around anyone else working on the same tower
  • Know where your exit routes are
  • Never climb on the outside of the tower

Only competent and trained personnel should be working on or around the scaffold tower, and work should not take place on a tower without supervision.


Another danger is the potential risk of the structure failing, especially when there are workers on the tower. Fitted to the bottom of access platforms are castors – these must always be locked into position before anyone climbs on the structure. Without a secure base, the tower can easily fall from underneath the feet of any workers.

At North East Access Training’s Birtley facility, and other UK locations, PASMA and IPAF training will train workers on the planning process of erecting a tower, ensuring a strong and secure structure.

Also, remember that as strong as a structure may be, never go over the maximum weight limit for any reason. Regardless of how secure a tower may be, the structure will only be able to take on so much weight.

PASMA and IPAF Training

In order to safely use scaffold towers and all forms of access platforms, it is important that all workers undertake PASMA and IPAF training to receive proper accreditation.

If you would like more information on what our training courses cover, or to book your place on an upcoming course, please call the North East Access Training team on 0191 442 1989 today.