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hTreading the pavement has long been considered to be the best way to raise public awareness of charity, but what about when Pudsey the Bear himself hits the road with his PASMA training buddy to change the world one tower at a time?

Pudsey is the iconic mascot of Children in Need. The charity itself was founded in 1980 and since then has successfully raised more than £500m. The main focus of the charity is to support and help young disabled people and children throughout the UK.

One of the most notable examples of how Children in Need raise awareness is through their annual television show that is broadcasted on the BBC channels.

As for Pudsey’s buddy, Chris Blantern is the chairman of PASMA, an association operating in the mobile access tower industry. The group offer training for those who wish to work at height and ensures the utmost safety for those who do on a daily or regular basis. There are many companies across the UK that offer PASMA courses in authenticated centres, like us here at North East Access Training.

So, now we know a little bit about Children in Need and PASMA, what exactly did they achieve together?
Well, together, Pudsey and Blantern managed to raise £5,000 by popping into training centres across the UK for donations. This is including PASMA’s generous donation of £1 for the completion of every Tower Test.
This occurred during PASMA’s nationwide Tower Week. This week is designed to help raise awareness of safety measures when using scaffold towers.

Blantern commented: “I would like to thank everyone who helped us reach our target and the generosity and enthusiasm of our training centres. They all helped to make this the most successful Tower week so far.”
This outstanding achievement is just a slice of what both PASMA and Children in Need accomplished in 2014.

Whilst these are both integral parts of UK society, there’s no reason you and your company can’t get involved in 2015 as now it’s your turn. Pudsey, PASMA and the entire building industry is not a one trick pony. Charity is all-year round, but there’s so much more you can do to help thanks to Pudsey’s inspiration.

This isn’t to forget the extensive PASMA training courses available all around the UK, including Tyne and Wear. Visit our website and view our extensive range of courses and get yourself fully qualified today!

So, why not get the company together and discuss how you can do your part for charity in 2015. In the meantime though, it is important to ensure your employees are fully trained and safe when working at height, so also consider www.northeastaccesstraining.co.uk training courses. This will help your company to grow and flourish, which in turn will help you to raise awareness for charities you hold close to your heart.